Things about businesses that would put you off ever using them

  • a bar/restaurant that advertises they serve ‘eats’


owned by rupert murdoch


Having a name like ‘Scoff and Banter’


Bar/restaurant that sells human shit






is arms dealer or pop up cookie stand


Owned and run entirely by cats


Chummy marketing/social media shit


Use human skin as a packaging material


Uses any old shit instead of proper Plates/Tables/Chairs etc.

  • little placards in the windows saying stuff like ‘live, love, laugh’
  • pubs advertising ‘FREE BEER’ with a tiny wifi written in between the two words


“Manchester” anywhere in the name


or address


goes without saying


fucking hate these fucking signs in places


Went to a coffee place the other day that had school style D&T benches instead of tables. Couldn’t tuck my chair in cause there was a fucking vice in the way. Absolute shambles


wishing you all the best with this one, lad.


Casey Affleck’s performance is very good though


Is it a performance as a decent human being? (haven’t seen it)


I also haven’t seen it