Things about modern offices that really suck


Double step authentication, especially on phones, especially when the code changes every minute

Also password generators



It’s called Two Step Authentication in my country





lack of heating controls (like everything here seems to be controlled in some central place)

hot desking and “clear desk” policies


Watch yourselves, #hottake incoming

Management aren’t actually the most capable people in offices, they’re just the set of weakest willed, non-offensive members of staff employed to protect the money that each department gets for wages.

I reckont >50% of management could be let go, and there would be an upturn in service.


I wish our office was modern. Our printer is on a different floor to my desk.


Sounds like you work in the same building as me…


is there a library where you work?


The fact that they’re mostly open-plan so you have to listen to all of your noisy work-shy colleagues chatting for most of the day.

Also, Multi Factor Authentication whilst a pain is a necessary evil.


Sharing an open plan office with people who are on conference calls all the time.



headphones are your friend


Doesn’t help that much when the place sounds like the runway at Heathrow.




YES! Both are shite.


Came in to the office after a long break to learn that my company is introducing OKRs. Joy!



Neighbourhood working (aka cutting down on office space).


Yammer’s pretty easy to ignore though, no? We’re strongly encouraged to use it, but not allowed to talk about our work on there because it’s too confidential to talk about on external networks, so :man_shrugging:


Any instant messaging


this is the worst opinion I’ve ever read
followed by the next worst opinion