Things about modern offices that really suck

Cables fucking everywhere.
Cables that are thick and tangled and fuck them right off.
Black snakes forever tangled and broken.
Plugs always in the wrong place.
Cables fucking




I mean, there’s lots of research to support the issues I have with open plan offices, but if you like them then that’s cool.

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I’ve an ex who was a sharepoint contractor - her day rate was insanely high on account of the fact that no-one apart from a masochist wants to go anywhere near that shit.

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There might be on the 1st or 2nd floor which is full of 18 year old students. But not on any of the upper floors.

No free sockets

Air conditioning. Dries my eyes out and means i haven’t worn short sleeves in the office for at least 4 years because even in summer you have to dress like it’s winter

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We do not work in the same place :slight_smile:

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Cringeworthy attempts to be like the cool tech firms: scooters, lockers, etc.

Fucking cunting table-tennis tables

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I think my least favourite part about working in an office is the work-related gossip. The “ooh, did you hear such and such left the widget group and is now reporting to H Ballsack in sales?” stuff. Literally never cared less about anything in my life and these people treat it like they’ve just told you your boss was caught fingering the CTO’s mum in the disabled loos.

Beats being bullied to the point of abject misery, though, I’ll give you that.


Don’t you have free beer in your office? @Ruffers


Man, I’d kill to join H Ballsack’s sales team.

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Think you need a lot of cojones for that.

I do a lot of work gossip, gets me through the day. I should probably stop.

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You’d have probably noticed me and said something if we did. If you wear a band t-shirt and someone else likes the same stuff you get talking, or if the band is the sort of thing you don’t generally see. Like a guy on this floor who was wearing a Germs t-shirt. We got friendly pretty quickly.

My old place was great for work gossip, because it was on the “did you hear the partner in the corner office has broken up with the secretary he’s been having an extra-marital affair with for years to move in with a client” level. Someone I couldn’t care less about getting a new job title? Give a shit.

All day errr day (with a firm unspoken rule not to get on it before 4pm). Also free cider.

Oh I don’t like them for their panoptic qualities, not because people don’t do enough

Snorted laughing at H Ballsack and also the fingering reference.

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