Things calling themselves New-something

Pretty fucking stupid isn’t it.


At uni I lived close to New Hall (now named Blackadder Hall after a student vote, obviously) and my Oxford College was New College (est. 1379) and my gf’s Cambridge college used to be called New Hall but isn’t any more.

Really makes you think, doesn’t it.


I have a quote for each of your threads

(must do some work!)

Yes Tubbs, wish for an end to this plague of strangers, for our futures to remain local and for new road to be totally destroyed

alright, we get it. you went to fucking oxbridge. give it a rest for fuck’s sake.


*New Oxbridge

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@discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: Nature is a mutable cloud which is always and never the same. — Ralph Emerson

Only for postgrad shit, he was too thick as an undergrad.


I thought that was Ralph Wiggum?

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:crystal_ball: It is certain

:crystal_ball: Most likely

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The few ppl I know who went to Oxford or Cambridge all seem to go out with other Oxford or Cambridge uni ppl , is this some kind of intellectual snobbery? Don’t want to dilute the brainy genes with a thiko civilian? :wink:

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that answers my question



New Sround

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This definitely seems to be the case with our NCT parents group - of 8 couples, 3 are Oxbridge exclusive couples.

Interestingly, I can pretty much guarantee that none of them know where I went to university as I don’t feel the need to constantly offer the information…

It can’t be long until we have a straight-faced New Nu-metal scene.

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Ah, an ex-poly alumnus. There’s no shame in it, mate.

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It’s not limited to Oxbridge types, but it’s known as social assortative mating.