Things Chris Grayling Can't Do (potentially libellous thread)

Chris Grayling can’t win a rigged election

Chris Grayling can’t colour in within the lines

open water sailing

The queen

Chris Grayling can’t put items in the bagging area without it malfunctioning


Chris Grayling cannot sexually satisfy a partner

Chris Grayling’s passport doesn’t work at the automatic gates and he holds up the queue and then has to walk past everyone he’s held up and join the back of the normal queue.


I assumed the “Failing Grayling” thing was originally due to his hilarious career as a politician, but no:


Chris Grayling can’t remember his pin, so has it written on the back of his hand at all times.

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Chris Grayling can’t read without his lips moving



Ride a bike without stabilisers

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Get a duvet cover on properly

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remember where he put his keys

correctly formulate the saying “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”

Chair the ISC

Assemble a Billy bookcase.

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find a ferry when he needs one

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The Do

(because Betty Boo is already doing it)

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successfully sue DiS for libel


open a ring pull can

The Macarena

Yeah it was me that put that image in your head. You’re welcome.

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