things members like to do

Use disco as a verb

A whole bunch of us like to play with synths & that

Listen to ambient music!


Half like to cycle.

The other see cycling as positively Satanic.

I’m in the former camp, don’t worry dudes.


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Rank things

Try and make everyone as miserable as they are


Oh yeah, I meant to say about this but in actual Italy last week I witnessed pizza being cut with scissors in three separate restaurants so shove it up your bollocks, users


Knitting and spinning (the with wool not on a bicycle in a gym type) , while watching pro-cycling and tennis on the telly.

I also like pottering in my greenhouse.


You ever say that you’re “spinning a yarn” about anything?

I really don’t know what’s going on here, is the serving thing attached too the scissors?!

Anthony why must you turn this into a thread of lies.


Talk to @anon5266188, he claims to be an actual Italian scissor pizza cutter by trade or something…

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I was astonished because, although I do it myself, I fully accept that it’s unorthodox but literally three separate places did it.

Not so far! I am about to participate in the Tour De Fleece. Yes, this is a thing.

Large rectangular pizza where you buy a square though, right?

Can you make sure you spin us a yarn about it once it’s done?

This was the case for two of the three places

Of course!

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Never seen it for round pizza.

That tool though is all sorts of wrong, maximum slice size is way too small.