Things currently making you happy

I’m making my way through the Harmontown podcast series at the moment, only about 30 episodes in but I realised in the last week that it’s giving me lovely, warm feelings.

It’s a real celebration of community, creativity and many of the best things about being human. It’s not perfect obviously but it’s making me feel nice and fuzzy when I listen to it and when I think about it too.

Just bought a copy of the movie they made about the tour of the podcast and am really excited about watching it, which I’ll do once I’ve reached the point in the series where the tour is complete (just a few more episodes to go).

What’s doing it for you these days? Not necessarily entertainment, obvs, it’s a big old world.

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got a friend coming over this afternoon who I haven’t seen for years. Think we’re going to make some music. I’m looking forward to this but it might be too much emotion


I’ve been feeling a bit anxious and low over the past week but I’m not pulling out of going to a gig tonight, even though I’ll be going on my own and only kinda know a couple of people there. This is the kind of scenario I’d have chewed my own arm off to avoid not long back so I’m pre-preemptively feeling quite pleased with myself.


Good work, hoss. Feeling pleased with yourself is wonderful.


This podcast. Fucking hilarious stuff.

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feel the fear and do it anyway imo.

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That’s the plan. The gf is under strict instructions to kick me out if I start looking like I might hide under a blanket instead.

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where bounce u flyin 2?

Making music again for the first time in years. Feels good to do something ‘creative’.


I do character design/animation/storytelling type stuff. But, for so long, I’ve felt that I’ve not really found the medium to which I’m most suited.

Until now!

Last few weeks I’ve been trying my hand at puppetry! I absolutely LOVE it. It makes me so happy. I’m so excited to explore it and really learn how to tell stories with it. :slight_smile:


So I’m walking into the chip and bump into a pal outside who’s here bacuse he’s at a friends wedding.
So I pop up to the bar for a beer and look through the window and I see the bride who it turns out is someone I know, I don’t know her well but I bump into her a few times a year and she’s such a lovely person.
Anyway, seeing her in her bridal gown with a big smile on her face and having a lovely time certainly brought a smile to my face. :slightly_smiling_face:


Still feeling happy that my little overnight trip was good, I got to spend time with one of the best people, saw one of the best bands and one of my all time heroes still recognised me after many years, had a Portuguese custard tart which was glorious… and in about half an hour I see my little boy again for the first time since yesterday morning (it feels like soooo long) :heart:


paging @Epimer


don’t @ me about owls m8

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Been coming to Switzerland for nearly three years for work and tomorrow I’m finally gonna do something social with people I work with. Just feels nice to be invited out.


My family business is an owl visitor centre (the Scottish Owl Centre no less!)

This is my favourite thing we sell:


No way, I passed that a couple of weeks ago and @d @Epimer

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Was playing taboo with one of my classes yesterday and one of the kids kept really matter of factly saying ‘a deer’ guestering seriously towards the person with the card before they had chance to say anything.

Still cracking me up

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And I’m still angry about it.

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