Things Dissers have said that you remember but they probably don't


Everytime I hear Rilo Kiley I think of @marckee making disparaging remarks about them. Makes me sad…


Someone (I’m not sure who) told us a story of a time when they were in a toilet cubicle and someone else in the cubicle next to them said “hello”, after a moment of hesitation they replied with “hello” only to then realise that whoever was in the next cubicle was on the phone.


Every time I think of pretty much anything I think of marckee making disparaging remarks about it.


Are you sure that was me?


premise of thread holds up


I remember that being your biggest concern when you asked if a dog could play the piano


pretty sure this never happened tbh


I think that was @chintzylacroix


Pretty sure.




When people talk about there children in a mundane way I always think of inside_outside recounting the story of his conception


I always think fondly of the stories of laszlopanaflex and clapham_giles