Things everybody does. Or do they?


This is a thread for confirming whether or not you’re right about what everyone else does and whether you’re the same or different.

I feel like practically everybody but me checks the weather in some way (other than by looking at the sky).

Am I right?

  • I’m like saps, completely oblivious until the weather arrives over my head.
  • I’m not a weather lunatic but I’ll watch the weather bit after the news or google the weather/check an app if I’ve got a special event, like
  • I reckon I check the weather at least once a day. Who doesn’t? Freaks maybe.
  • I’m facking obsessed me, multiple checks per day, more than one weather app on my phone. Chance of rain in the next hour, you say? 14% squire. Frankly I need locking up.

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Use this thread to see how like everyone else you are.


ask my virtual assistant when I’m getting dressed every morning so I know what thickness of cardigan to wear


why would your virtual assistant know what time you will get dressed?


I did have more, but I cleared some off when I put a load more music on my phone.


nice one nebbie


Just dress in layers and have access to either a hood or a brolly, ffs. Weather cunts.


I’m delighted by this.


Umbrella cunt.


Most of the time I just get wet, tbh. It’s only rain.


alright andrew wk




I just liked almost everything in this thread (to date).

Strong, DiS. Very strong.

Who checks the weather? What’s the worst that can happen?




A Brilliant Mistake


Do a little dance or pull a face or do an air basketball shot when you’re in front of a full body mirror alone

  • All the time
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Never

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I love to do a little Jarvis Cocker dancing in front of a mirror.


quite like doing a cowboy walk and pistol draw


oh that’s a great idea.

Gonna try this tomorrow


alright james dean bradfield


How fortunate this thread came up - imagine screen grabbing that and NEVER having a use for it :wink:

EDIT: Hang on you STILL have this amount?! you had MORE than this!? WHAT!?