Things everybody does. Or do they?

Do the people who stand up sing the national anthem while they’re up there?

They make me sick.


I do not

The poll is flushing them out.

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Yeah, I had one which looked up your location, and found a photo with the likely weather for the day, and I had a minimal graphic one where as you swiped across the background colour changed with the sun position, so rather than having a series of graphics showing the weather at particular time you just had one icon which moved as you scrolled across. Very slick and pretty, but not that helpful for looking at the whole day’s weather.

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How do you even wipe your bum sitting down? Surely the toilet seat is in the way?


I’m muting the thread, I don’t have time for this today

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I sing the Welsh national anthem.


Yes, you do

Cut pizza with a pizza cutter

  • Of course, the clue is in the name.
  • I’m a big silly poohead

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Train / tube commuters - get on the same part of the train every day as you know it will be exactly where the exit will be at your destination?

  • Yes, it saves time and makes me feel like a genius
  • No, friend. Nothing is the boss of me, I get on where I please.
  • It depends (please elaborate)

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if anyone on this board calls a pair of scissors pizza cutters, instant ban please


Well…sandals in the rain are not good. Putting washing out and it then raining is a pain, as is not doing washing and it being a prefect wind and sun balance.

If I’m outside and it’s drizzly there’s no point straightening my hair.

Also bare legs? Cardie needed? Too windy for light skirts? It’s a minefield. A MINEFIELD


I wear jeans and a t shirt. If it looks a bit cold (or was a bit cold yesterday) add a hoodie.

Preffered pizza tactic:

  • Knife and fork
  • Pizza slicer
  • scissors
  • Big knife
  • Fold entire pizza into a calzone type thing

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Anti-matter chopsticks

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Theo trying out the Australian delicacy of chocolate candyfloss?

“Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you” would make a good weather app tagline

I was like you, and still am, except I’ve set up IFTTT to send me a text at 7 am every day now. Also I used it to change one of the phillips hue lights to Blue if it starts raining so if the washing is out or something I’m aware.


What about footwear? Some shoes don’t do rain well.