Things found in freezers


Just helped clear out my grandpa’s old freezer, found a bumper crop of plums, about six large bags with ‘1999’ written on them. Dad started singing Prince.
What wondrous items have you found?


ice cubes


when I left my old flat there was a single carrot which was so frozen in we couldnt get it out


We’ve been through this but I had to throw everything in my freezer away a couple of weeks ago

Amongst the things was an almost entire joint of gammon that I lost my head cooking about a year and a half before


Isn’t 3 months the maximum length you’re meant to keep anything in the freezer?


Fuck That

Literally the entire point of a freezer is that it makes food last literally forever


Well it’s not very good if you’re risking your life in this reckless manner, is all.


Turns out that reporting posts as inappropriate works then. Jooks is very apologetic and would like to suggest ‘Potato Waffles’ instead.


Dead bodies


Flagged as inappropriate.


Beat you to it mate. Between us we’ll get this cesspit cleaned up.


Fair enough, incredibly sinister first post


Mine mostly houses bags of ice.


I’d say that 55% of the space in my freezer is occupied by pizza.


I have a whole drawn in my freezer that has been frozen over to the point I cannot open it at all for at least 3 years. Who knows what mysteries await me in this draw to the frozen unknown…the remains fo a home made lasagna?..the rest of the tub of ice cream that went missing?..Zuul?


My brother-in-law’s has got bits of dead deer he found on a road in it. Good 4 years old at least now.


im currently freezerless and have been since i mived into my new place, about 6 weeks.


all your peas will have thawed


half used bag of mixed veg


did he eat any of it? hacking up a deer must be quite an effort. I heard a grim tale in the pub about someone who stopped by a deer which had been hit, only to find it not quite dead, so ‘humanely’ finished it off by strangling it.