Things from not even that long ago that now feel very dated





My Christmas socks. But damn let’s be honest putting on a new sock is the best part of the year.






What makes it feel worse is that I did have a 22 grand job at the time. And ten years later, I … still do (when I’m lucky). For doing more responsible stuff.


Remember when the smiths were proper lads with proper haircuts


alright, no need to boast


I still use my iPod Classic daily and I love it. However, it does feel dated and you rarely see anyone else with one out and about. A shame really, they were always quite a personal and enlightening look at people’s music taste.


the TV show ‘Life’s Too Short’


there’s a guy in my office who STILL occasionally wears one of these Drive jackets, and I can’t really express how much of a prick he looks in it. Like full suit with that jacket.



I know 2 people who bought one. Didnt have the heart to say they looked fucking ridiculous


aye but then you have to carry around two things and that’s a pain


Leicester City


Had this album on in the car recently - some of the lyrics, christ…


objection here. you’d obvs look a tit wearing it but does it look any more dated than in 2011?


When I heard it, 22K sounded like the dream. It was significantly more than I was earning.


hair like this

and then hair like this


Rhianna’s one still looks really good tbf
Might just be because it’s on her head though