Things from stuff that you sometimes see but you never see it in real life


Ever seen one of those colourful hats with a small propeller on the top of them in the real world?


I was made to wear one of them on my stag do.

#lads #oioi


businessmen in bowler hats


old school chef hats - why were these ever considered practical



To be controlled by a rat who is trying to make it as a chef



never seen someone slip on a banana peel irl


I remember an episode of Casualty that started with someone doing it


casualty is not irl, no matter how good charlie’s acting might make you think otherwise


It’s the closest thing we’ve got to it at the minute


I have seen it happen. Just once. It was on Windsor Road in Gillingham, Kent. I was ten. I laughed more than I have laughed at anything before or since.