Things from the Beano happening in real life

Hello, I thought about making a thread called “Things from the Beano happening in real life” this morning but decided against it. However, I’ve just learned that it’s the Beano’s 80th birthday and so I’m taking that as a sign that the thread was worthwhile after all.

On that. Yesterday I was at my Mum and Dad’s house and it turns out that my Dad is engaged in warfare with a mole that is ruining his lawn by making molehills. This is a thing that I thought only happened in the Beano but it is happening in real life.

Now you go.


Children in schools in the UK used to be physically hit by their teachers with wooden sticks.


This happens in the Beano and it did happen in real life. Thank you.

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Sometimes a child wears a striped jumper.

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I had a vhs called Beano Videostars when I was a child and still regularly get the songs stuck in my head.

Thank you for your time.


There is a black dog in the Beano and there are black dogs in real life. Thank you.

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There is a child with a striped jumper in the Beano and sometimes children wear striped jumpers in real life. Thank you.

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Pie face loved pies and some people do love pies.


@anon5266188 What breed of dog do you think Gnasher is meant to be?

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People in the real world often make fun of others based on their looks and weight, just like in the Beano

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Please direct this to

People have pigs for pets.



Sometimes, just when I don’t want to, I can go softy.

Person who get micro-pigs that turn out to be normal pigs is one of my favourite genres of something



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Yeah it’s really funny when an intelligent animal gets chucked in the bin because someone can’t look after a 100kg animal.

You are thinking of Viz.

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There are places that rescue the pigs and they go on to have good lives

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Just cook it, it’s fine.