Things I haven't seen on NewDiS yet


I haven’t seen a string of likes where all the avatar colours run in a neat spectrum. @ma0sm and I started one here:


But it’s not got very far.

(This isn’t a deliberate attempt to get an OP with loads of likes, but that would obviously be a nice bonus)


Orange you glad I changed my profile picture


You should ask for specific ones, maybe.

Black and white likes only please on this post.


Wasn’t there a load of us in conversation at one point with grim b/w avatars that someone complained about?


Or a ROYGBIV series of 7 in order




please like this post in order!


And also never change your avatars.


The fact that it is possible to ‘unlike’ (‘dislike’?) (‘DiSlike’?) something after you’ve liked it makes this all the easier to do


0 Days since someone mentions ‘NewDiS’


@japes username / “like”


@japes has ruined everything


busy day at work?

oh yeah mate, it’s been hectic.


This is up with bamnan’s big picture.


It’s from there too, by the looks of it.


This is absolutely excellent!