Things I like and why they are bad

that’s reassuring, I guess weeding is still bad though. Why are some things weeds?

What constitutes a weed is just a matter of perspective, let your “weeds” grow wild and enjoy your new wildflower garden, wildlife will love it.


I don’t think that’s why most people make music though, Bam. I think they make it because they need to make it! And I think a lot of artists want to give something or say something to the world with their music. Music enriches our lives.

I am so grateful for/to people who have the creativity, talent, patience and put so much time and effort to make music for their fellow humans to enjoy :heart:

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my neighbours will give me grief though and that will be on my mind for ages unfortunately

Going on holiday- being away from Brexit island is nice but planning makes me anxious

yeah I don’t think I could ever go on a plane again and I don’t like going anywhere alone, I don’t like the concept of tourists, just give me a nice walk in the countryside please

I used to wonder this.
My mum is very green fingered and she explained that weeds are plants that take up too much space and stop other plants from growing.
Interesting, huh!

aren’t dandelions considered weeds? I think they look nice

Bam, your music has made me happier than most other music in the past couple of years. It’s one of the best things to come out of my years engaging with this forum. It’s art and it’s beautiful and worthwhile without caveat.


Please read that book I recommended you a little while ago :slight_smile:


I liked this because of the opening sentence. But I really don’t agree that it’s narcissistic to share things you’ve created. People expressing themselves through art does not mean they’re trying to make themselves appear better, or that they’re arrogant. I like to think of it as a net increase in the amount of beautiful stuff in the world.

I strongly believe that it’s essential to allow for difference within society, even if you believe (as I do) that there should be much greater equality than we have today. How you choose to express yourself is one of the most obvious manifestations of that difference.

Only you can know your true motivation, but is it not more about doing something that makes you feel less anxious and that you enjoy, rather than feeding your ego?


very kind of you to say but it’s not art because I never really had any big intentions behind it, just a form of play really

I didn’t say anything about them not looking nice :slight_smile:
I like dandelions too.

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“Weeds are wild plants in the wrong place”

That’s what makes it beautiful. It’s so human and instinctive and it’s wonderful that a form of play can make me feel such strong emotions.


have actively cut down on listening to his stuff which is good, tried to give up completely but there are some songs I find too soothing unfortunately. I often think I used up most of my willpower giving up smoking when I was 25 and now I have limited determination left to make any positive changes

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Totally with you on this

yeah maybe you are right but sometimes I like to fantasise about making a really great record which is totally an ego thing, guess I need to trick myself into some motivation somehow and it could be worse

Just remembered you don’t read, sorry!

Anyway laughing is great and good for you and the world.
Always makes me happy when I hear people laughing.


Do you not believe other people should enjoy things or be happy?