Things I like and why they are bad

using my pc a lot pretty good to have a way to communicate with people and so good for being creative with music and art and stuff but it must use up tonnes of energy (it’s a silly gaming PC so definitely unnecessary)

not fully decided whether it’s just me or everyone i have a problem with

You have to look after yourself before you can make the world a better place. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is pretty relevant here.


All of these things are fine. Absolutely fine.

EDIT: didn’t mean to reply to laughter specifically, though this one is particularly fine.


That’s very self-aware. I think a lot of people have egotistical thoughts that they wish they didn’t have (I certainly do). In particular around unhelpful desires for food, booze, drugs, sex, dopamine (all the things society often refers to as ‘vices’) that I know can have negative impacts on me and others.

I have wrestled with it for years, and the way I have found peace with it is to acknowledge that I have an ego that will try and fuck me up from time to time, and it’s part of me, but there’s another side of me that is less annoying and wants to do positive things (for me and others). And that those egotistical thoughts don’t define me, they’re not my identity, they’re just thoughts and I can choose how I act in response to them.

Hope that doesn’t sound like I’m giving instructions, just sharing what has worked for me

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Maslow Jackson?

Yeah I get that but I don’t know where the line is where that just becomes an excuse though

that’s a nice way to deal with it actually, compartmentalise it. My ego isn’t the only part of me. Some parts of me are good and trying at least

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I’m not sure either but I know that it is a long way past laughter

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drugs - you go through a cycle where you do the drugs and enjoy them then you get a bit 20 something hipster and are like lol drugs are for try hards but then you mature a bit and you realise drugs actually are very fun, and cool and good


I’m interested in the ethics of drugs in this country, are you helping or hurting people by buying them? Wouldn’t necessarily be against buying drugs from an ethical source and then just chucking them away though. Don’t want to be around people on serious drugs though, it’s not fun.

another reason to legalise drugs is to make them a more ethical consumer choice, there may well be a chain of dead bodies behind your gram of coke or whatever, which is not fun


yeah if that’s obviously true then fuck cocaine and everyone who takes it. Also everyone on cocaine becomes a worse person so I can’t see myself ever being cool with it.


i never liked coke really, i was more into weed and mdma and that

Nowt wrong with having a bit of an ego IMO, so long as you’re aware of it and don’t let it get out of control - which you’re in absolutely no danger of doing.

In fact, I think trying to overcompensate for that can be actively harmful to MH and therefore the individual’s ability to contribute positively to the world - certainly something I’ve had issues with in the past.

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people should obviously be encouraged to try to give up harmful stuff and help should be there for them. Not interested in judging anyone who is trying to kick a bad habit I’m referring more specifically to people who don’t care about that side of thing and just see it as a fun party drug.

I am for reeeeeaaaal!

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Take it to the OutKast thread

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weed has caused me issues and I resent a lot of people who casually told me that weed can’t do you any damage as if it was just an established fact. Hard for me to be objective there


Some drugs are so destructive I have to question whether they should ever be legal. Coke is one of those. Decriminalised and treated as a public health issue for sure. And I also think there’s only a given percent of people who will get so addicted they can’t function, plenty of people can take it or leave it.

It’s a tough one. Portugal’s experience of decriminalisation has led not only to lower addiction but lower rates of usage too, which is perhaps counter-intuitive.