Things I like and why they are bad

yeah i find the portugal example really interesting. idk if the brits can be trusted with legal heroin tho tbh.

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It might settle down eventually but the first few years would be grim


Definitely. Especially when you look at the opiate crisis in the US, where people are (at least initially) given drugs legally, and it completely destroys their lives.

That said, I do think that alienation has a part to play in addiction. Capitalism has a case to answer here.


no it isn’t


Do you think people would just start taking heroin for a laugh?
People can get hold of heroin now while it’s criminalised.
I don’t think heroin use would suddenly leap up if it was legalised.

The Simpsons- A few good seasons and a lot of bad ones. I can freely admit this as someone who has Lisa tattooed on her leg.

Seems to me that by Bamnans standards we’re ALL a bunch of arseholes.
I don’t think it’s a healthy way to feel about yourself or anyone else.
You’re not going to make the world a better place by judging everyone as terrible and morally bankrupt.


I have no idea tbh. I fear there’d be a spate of Brits-in-Amsterdam style lets go mental free for all, though hopefully it’s reputation would stop that being too widespread.

Given the things we do with booze I just don’t trust the Brits with any drug really. Though I am personally in favour of decriminalisation overall.

I prefer to think of it that we could all be doing better

Laughing less is not going to make me a better person.


But you don’t know what we’re all doing to make it better.
I do lots of thing’s you’d class as bad.
I also volunteer, give money to charity, try to be kind and a good person and all that blah.
I dunno, just recently reading your posts I’ve kinda felt like I should start hating everyone including myself.

don’t worry it’s quite easy for me to imagine you being a better person than me

Hello Hardcore History

Sorry that came out a bit harsh/blunt.
I am not very good at words.

well he’s definitely a wanker isn’t he

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That’s not what I am trying to say at all though, Bam.

I guess there’s an interesting discussion to be had about the role of hate and what it means to hate something constructively

also no need to apologise to me

Didn’t you already make a thread for this kind of thing?

I did not know this!
I do think that stigma would still exist even if it was legalised. It’s been (quite rightly) absolutely drummed into us all how terrible heroin is, hasn’t it?

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