Things I see out of my all-seeing window Today we get to decide if we approve on or not (POLLS)

I’ll start us off easy

Adults on scooters

  • Fine
  • FFS

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White guy with dreads

  • Whatever
  • :grimacing:

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wonder if Eric’s going on a run today

Running for the bus

  • Could be important, not funny at all
  • Embarrassing

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I am but in the opposite direction, gonna go to the marshes. Too many running penoids in vicky park.

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I’m standing up for white-guy-dread-havers today purely because one of our directors has them and is generally a lovely guy. I am willing to accept he’s the exception to rule though tbf.

If it helps sway you at all he had it shaved round the sides and one of the dreads was neon blue

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theres a man who scooters past my bus stop in the evenings and i have to fight the urge to shove him into the road every day


Shocked that people have voted “fine” here tbh

Uber pickup

  • At this time of day, on such a lovely morning? Get a fucking clue
  • Anarcho capitalism for all

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Oooh we’re supposed to vote on the thing you’ve seen and not the thing in general. Right.

I shall adjust my vote accordingly.

tbf I haven’t made that clear intentionally

Literally next to the bus stop this was

Muddying the voting waters, eh? Alright Cambridge Analytica.




Gf got one for going to work :confounded:

Biting my tongue because I’m not the boss of her etc, but for ffs’ sake.


just try and break it in a deniable way


One of my best penoid pals. It tears me up inside.

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Actually fuck it, Encyclopedia Britannica:

  • A useful, informative series spreading knowledge for hundreds of years
  • Pyramid scheme for people with intellectual insecurities

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I could buy her a Segway. That’s much better, right?

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