Things in partitioned containers

are you putting the good bit into the big bit

muller corner

  • yeah i’ll tip the fruit into the yoghurt
  • no i’ll eat a bit of each
  • no i’ll eat one bit then the other bit

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You’re having a Muller fruit corner right now, aren’t you.


microwave curry

  • tip the rice into the curry in one big mess
  • i’m not an animal
  • microwave… curry?

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Very annoying that the segments don’t line up to flip properly so you have to spoon the corner into the yoghurt

misery salad bowl with a little dressing container

  • dressing goes all over
  • dip stuff into the dressing

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muller CRUNCH corner

  • this is different from the fruit one, the bits will go soggy (separate)
  • i’m going to eat it in about 30 seconds it matters not (together)

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FUCK off


i think that’s all of them

Pot noodle

  • Mix it all together
  • Eat the noodles plain then knock back the flavour sachet for a more intense experience

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i’ve got a FAGE total on the go and my spoon is too big to fit into the raspberry and pomegranate jam section

complete farce tbqh

knew there’d be one

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  • I’m a dipper
  • Plain dumplings then a nice bracing shot of soy sauce/vinegar at the end to round it off

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KFC (anon)

  • dunk the gravy
  • drink the gravy

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the thing that made me think about this thread is with yoghurts, if the bits are separate, i’ll mix them together… but if they’re in one bit but layered on top of each other then i’ll try and eat the yoghurt first and leave the jam for afters

i’m a rebel

love mixing stuff with other stuff
always have

I got a reed diffuser the other week but the scent is FAR too strong if you pour oil into the bottom of the container, so now I dip a few reeds into the oil bottle and let it wick up a bit and that’s a much more pleasant level.

I can’t believe you read to the end of this.

neither can i


Knock it back with a nice mug of boiling water for that full deconstructed potty noods (don’t @ me) vibe.

Original Stone Roses lyrics etc etc