Things in podcasts that really annoy you (general or specific)

Football Ramble - why is Pete Donaldson always telling us his name is Pete Donaldson at the beginning of adverts? Who cares what his name is just try and flog me the razor and get on with the pod.

Scroobious Pip - abandoned listening to this ages ago cos listening to someone who is not that clever gawp at the amazingness of the world and constantly offer his non-insights into it, mainly by linking it to his own poor music - was really annoying. But started listening to a recent one with Eddie Izzard recently and HOT DAMN the intro - before the pod actually started - was FIFTEEN minutes long! Fifteen minutes of ads and him rambling about boring stories about how he made the podcast in question and what we were about to hear. All cut into about four seperate sections with intro music in between so each time you think you’re about to hear the actual podcast but NO. Fucking hell I’ve developed a hatred for that man.

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the guy who does the ad intro on This American Life’s voice:

“This episode is braauggght to you by Auuggghhdible”
“This episode is braauuugghwt to you by Raaaagghket mortgaage”

Why would anyone listen to a scroobius pip podcast?


It really annoys me that Harris Wittels is dead and can no longer appear on my favourite podcasts


yeah my bad


Good and interesting guests

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Used to listen to a West Ham one where the presenter kept sniffing. Lasted about 5 mins and had to unsubscribe.

but he ruins them! each and every one!

Just listen to someone better interviewing interesting people

chapo trap house
shouting and laughing too loudly

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Yeah, I only listen to them now if there’s someone very interesting on them and just look past his annoying interruptions



like the 145 hour special he did with some people from the marketing department of ben and jerrys recently? my god was on a long drive and this auto played. couldn’t believe what i was hearing. he was asking them about what it was like as a place to work and they actually used the phrase work hard play hard…

podcasts are over aren’t they.

over? when were they ever… under?

Quite like him, tbh.

probably when I stopped listening to them in 2005

Sean Ingle

Never listened to his podcast obviously but his rapping is the shittest