Things in podcasts that you really like

  • Adam Buxton’s like and subscribe song


Was going to say: Adam Buxton’s jingles for sponsors. I am amazed they let him do them.

  • Bob Mortimer’s Scottish songs


The video for this is excellent as well :grinning:


The Barry Homeowner song in the last AM episode is amazing.


She did a leavearoonie, she walked out on me



She liked paying for thrills, I liked paying the bills. Online and on time!


all of buckles’ songs/jingles tbh


Harris’ phone/foam corner :cry:


“…i ran out of song”




Nah this just wound me up.


Adam Buxton’s vegetarian shoes advert made me cry laughing. I redownloaded the episode (Garth Jennings & Julian Barratt) recently to listen to it and it didn’t have the ad on. I can’t find it any more :frowning: