Things in your home/office/home office that you don't know how to use

The fax machine for me. Fortunately it hasn’t come up yet, but it might.

I’ve also never refilled the filter coffee machine but I assume I’d be able to figure it out.

I’m not 100% sure on how to collapse the step ladder at home.

there’s a spotlight in our back garden. I’ve no idea where the switch for it is, unless i do know where it is and it needs a new bulb but seems very unlikely as it’s never been used as no one has ever known where the light switch is for it, as one does not exist.


The fucking storage heaters

The franking machine


They’re easy mate

you know what, i don’t think i’ve ever sent a fax.

can’t see it happening at this point in time either.

you prise apart the metal rings and slip the paper over them. then close the rings again.

pretty straight forward.

the one with glue though

the what?

I called out the engineers the other day as our aircon unit (which is a heater as well) didn’t heat anymore.

Had it on the wrong setting didn’t I. So that.

thermal binder

Me either. I get one of my secretaries to do it, obviously.

I have sent shitloads of faxes mates

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I used to send loads of faxes with sketches and notes on them in the days before site huts had internet connections. I haven’t sent one in at least six years though.

same - got a lot of faxing in my history

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it helps if you spell it with a ‘T’ for a start though plasticmike wont be pleased hahahahaha!

It took six different people to figure out how to collapse my step-ladder.

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I’m going to try a bigger run-up next time.