Things in your home/office/home office that you don't know how to use

Right then.

These two controls I understand:

However, what the fuck is this dial for?

Seems to relate to how much heat comes out, which should be the job of the output dial, no?

And then there’s this bullshit:

Why are there two switches?


Yes I’ve googled for an instruction manual and have found fuck all.

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I fucking HATE storage heaters, numbers. Hate them!


oh wow. all of ours only have the two dials at the top!

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the dial essential


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You get a like

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The fax machine for me.

The FACS machine for me. Just can’t sort it out.

[[this post is bloody hilarious if you’re a biologist]]

We had storage heaters in an old flat, literally ended up just treating them like portable fan heaters, switched it on to warm up a room then off again when it was warm… Could never figure out timings, auto-settings etc. Probably cost us a fortune.

Yeah they’re total bullshit. Doesn’t help that we appear to have four different types of them here. Will probably just not use them, and use little space heaters instead. Or just wear thermals for the next 6 months.

Strap the dog to you through winter. Job done.

I was genuinely snuggling up to her for warmth last night.

Digital programmable timer plugs. Got three recently. MsWza grasped the the thistle of setting them up, gawd bless 'er. I would’ve instinctively gone for either the traditional notches-around-a-dial ones, or some swish Hive ones, but they’re only for occasional use when we go away, so the centrist option of LCD-screens-and-little-rubber-buttons won out based on price. Very evocative of a past era, but not so old-school that they’re simple and obvious to work out without the little paper manual.

There’s a key on my keyring that I’ve no idea what it un/locks. Have tried everything in the building.

Come to think of it there’s two things I don’t know HOW to unlock, so maybe there’s a hidden box of OTHER keys that Mystery Key opens. Corr… the fun I’ll have this morning.


The middle oven (grill?) in my kitchen, which I think is also a microwave(?)