Things in your home that spend more time in a place other than their designated place than they spend in their designated place

Tin opener. Gets pinto/black eyed/baked been juice in it, quick rinse under the tap, onto the drying rack. Hardly ever makes it back into the kitchen utensil drawer.

Marmite-branded coffee mug. It’s either on the bedside table or the drying rack. Rarely makes it back to the cupboard with its chums.

Hairbrushes in general, which is particularly ironic for me as I have no need of them personally yet they are never where I need them to be

Cafetiere. It’s either in use or on the draining board.

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Whatever plate I use to eat food blind drunk

Dog: sleeping on our bed, not in her bed

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Kitchen scissors.

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Got two big teacup style mugs that I eat beans out of, but they don’t fit in the cupboard so they’re either on the draining board or in the microwave (which also doesn’t quite have a real place, it’s got a spot in a nook but it doesn’t have a socket within reach so if I want to use it I have to put it on the floor in front of the washing machine, ergo I never use it so it just sits there with baking trays on top of it)

Writing this has made me realise I need to organise my kitchen

Water filter jug.

I don’t use it, but it somehow always ends up on the wrong bit of worktop mixed in with the dirty washing up, right in front of the compost caddy.

Big non stick frying pan
Reusable baking paper
Wooden handled knives

None are dishwasherable so sitnext to the sink untilcan we get round to washing them. Then on the draining rack until next needed.

Pic of pan and baking sheet

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The colour of your cupboards is to die for. Also a big fan of your tap handles

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Thanks think we’re going to change the cupboards though, neither of us are fans

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taps aff

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Just beans on their own?

Yeah, they’re the perfect size for one of those mini tins of beans

sometimes just leave clothes on the drying rack until i next wear it


Did you do this before you saw Alan Partridge?

What, to stop them touching other foods??
I just have a cup of beans for dinner sometimes

Nooo he goes to Michael’s who gives him a cup of beans

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