Things in your life at the moment which squeak

  1. My bike brakes (other cyclists look around like I’m making a point or something. No I’m not fuckers I’m just trying not to slam into the back of you calm down)
  2. Some guy’s shoes around the corner from my desk.
  3. The bottom of my laptop against the desk when I grabbed it.
  1. My desk chair
  2. My new trainers
  3. My water bottle lid

More as we get it

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My guinea pig


My ass

  1. Door to my office at home, need some W D 40 on that

Hand towel hanger in upstairs bathroom. Which makes the dog bark. Which makes the guinea pig squeak.

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Fridge door
Bathroom door
Pet rat but only when I pick him up while he’s eating

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My left earphone.
My kitchen door.
My mouth, sometimes involuntarily.

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thread could be improved with some squeaky vocaroos

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It’s “squeaky ass time” as we approach the final minutes of stoppage time


My neck
My back
My [abandon]

yep bike

These angels at work :sob:


My second most comfortable pair of shoes

Inner of my left eye, in that third eyelid bit. Heard someone say they have this recently after they had a big head trauma or something that left an air pocket or something. I’ve always had it.

Sometimes my jeans squeak, and I’ve had squeaky bras

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The door to the spare room
The bit on the dog’s harness that you clip the lead on to

Got a mystery noise that has appeared on my bike but I’d describe that as more of a creak.

My sinuses.
My floorboards.
The back of my office chair.
The squeakyboi parakeets outside.

  1. Bike chain
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The wheel of my wheelbarrow

I got

but I’m not a

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