Things it might be funny if someone thought

It’d be funny if someone thought it was “the royal wee” instead of “the royal we” wouldn’t it


Fuckingham palace


Her royal highness, but high means stoned!!!


That’s a good one

Thank you

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Princess Di was called Princess Die because she died and was called something else before that.

EDIT : disregard this.

I think it’s weird that everyone has gone for a royal family vibe in this thread when it could be anything that it might be funny if someone thought

“I know, I’ll listen to Ronan Kemp on the radio”

That would be funny if someone thought for a couple of reasons

If someone thought one of Tina Turner’s biggest hits is called “Simply the Best” when in actual fact it is simply “The Best”.

That might be moderately funny if someone thought it

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I think it!


well until about 30 seconds ago.

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if someone thought that they couldn’t have an apple before seeing a doctor because they are repelled by them, like vampires with garlic


Yeah, that would be funny if someone thought

Me and my friend are going to one day make a pub quiz with a songs round with songs that are commonly known as something slightly different to their official title.

I’ll try and remember some of these now.


Question 1 plays famous song by the Proclaimers, the one about walking


The reasons?

Reason 1: It’s quite funny if someone thought there is a person called Ronan Kemp.

Reason 2: It’s quite funny that even if there was someone called Ronan Kemp that they think the best way to listen to them would be to put on the radio and just wait. This is funny because of the level of naivety/optimism in the decision making process.

Best kemp brother

  • Ross kemp
  • Martin kemp
  • Another kemp

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oh I’ve done myself here

How come?