Things it's easy to boycott


Murdoch Evil Empire - sky sports is the only temptation but football isn’t that great and I’ve got other means.


Cocaine - I have no life


Fox make a lot of good films and tv though


Byron for their bullshit immigration raid. There’s a million other places to get a burger


Cocaine - because I’m not a fucking prick.


Bands you don’t like.

Which is why I always find it puzzling when people rejoice at the news that the bands they like are disbanding.

Because, yes, it must have been really difficult not listening to them.


Faberge eggs.


Nestle: The product information’s all there, on easy to use websites.




tesco. there’s loads of shops right next to it.






that’s not the point of the thread marckee!


this is good to hear nicola. have you not been tempted at all?


Soda stream - I have no need for it.


North Korea


The Cycling Thread


I’ve been in one once since the old Brexit. Not really out of choice. But I felt bad and have purposely avoided them.

I thought I would miss them but I do not.


too easy. cocaine is fun if you’re not a fucking prick (or with any)


i guess they were shit all along huh