Things life is too short for:


  • drinking shit wine

  • shaving every day

  • bothering with a quidco account

any more?


Arguments about milk
Reading the Metro


Washing the car


making your own pizza


making your own pasta you mean? good one!


Grinding your own POLENTA you mean? Good one!


Not sure why polenta was in caps there. Maybe I’ve shouted it at someone recently


Celebrating your 120th birthday


Life’s Too Short (TV programme).


Caring about most things.




alright, camus


Debating politics


Reading the posts you missed in a 100+ thread


I don’t really care for this reply.


mate I’ve got over a GRAND back from Quidco


It really is one of those things that I just thought who cares when someone first told me about it. But here I am with another £50 going into my bank account tomorrow because of stuff I was buying anyway. Good ol’ quidco, even if it is full on internet penoid territory


Ironing (I do it because I’m not a deviant but what a shite job)


I don’t bother with it when I’m just buying stuff here and there online, but for stuff like broadband / insurance / big payouts it is worth checking.


100x this