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it seems to be vitamins and nutrients tho which obviously do have known brain health benefits?

obvs what they’re charging is a crime

Imagining a man called Brian Supplements now

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The company behind this vitamin supplement is run by two tech bros who previously tried their hand at an app that was ‘Tinder for fashion’. It failed.

Former Manchester United player Chris Smalling is an investor in their latest venture.

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Vitamins/supplements don’t work. Don’t fall in the pocket of Big Vitamin

interested in stuff like this, been trying 5htp and l tryptophan recently, think they’ve made me even worse

I take these supplements and I’m smart enough to know they work because I take them


I was forced to take cod liver oil as a child, where is the megabrain I ordered

Had a 5htp yesterday for the first time in ages as Tuesdays are normally when I go into a slump due to drinking to excess on the previous Friday. So was trying to mitigate that, think it worked tbh. I take it with (caffeine free) green tea extract as I read it has no effect unless supplemented with EGCG.

Went through a phase about a year ago of taking it daily with normal green tea extract (25mg of caffeine) and a cup of coffee, think the excess caffeine turned me into a nervous wreck. I did used to remember to not take it for a week every two weeks so it didn’t destroy my dopamine levels (I know that’s why they recommend the l-trytophan with it like you’re taking). Sorry this has gone a bit Reddit. I feel uncommonly fresh and lively in the mind after writing this post.


Was joking about taking it and knowing it works etc.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if it has some effect (not what is claimed)

Surely there’s value in them even if there’s some sort of placebo effect for people? I started taking vitamin C and D during lockdown. No idea if they actually did anything significant beyond making me feel a bit stronger and as if I was functioning better than before.


What do people think of CBD oil/hemp / all that shit

I think the real stuff works, love the ice tea

Oh yeah I bought CBD oil as well, seemed to do absolutely fuck all

Reckon I made this thread cos deep down I want Heights

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I would just like to be hooked up to all sorts of things

I keep forgetting it so haven’t fallen into a proper routine with it, feels like it does something though, think it might disturb my sleep though (which is already pretty disturbed) which is weird as it is supposed to help. makes me feel very calm, but really demotivating, cant be bothered to do any work but not in my normal distracted way more in a i’m just going to sit here and have a think way. might all be a placebo effect. feel like I’m getting one over on big pharma by going to holland and barret

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my mum used to sneak bach flower remedies into my food, not sure placebo effects work if a) you dont believe in bach flower remedies b) you dont know there are bach flower remedies hidden in your food

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I take vitamin D and I’m thriving

Checkmate, libs

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