Things/locations that are almost guaranteed to cause an argument with your thinly-veiled


I’ve managed it - but only with a partner I wasn’t actually living with.



an extv thought that the line ‘why can’t we have some meat?!’ was ‘why cant we have some mince?!’.

broke up with her, obviously.


Pre-arranged airport itineraries are a well-known gusset-moistener.


Plus the fact that I dick on her at yellow car every single time.


This is exactly the level on which a great many of our arguments happen.


save it for Thursday


I bet you cut them too big/ thick and use an inappropriate knife



I’m with you.

Surely Orcs eat in the equivalent of an armed forces’ mess, so having a big canteen is perfectly reasonable.


I don’t know what that is and I don’t care to find out.




Do you put blinkers on? The whole store is designed in such a way as to make browsing an inevitability.


His main issue is the inconsistency of whichever style. I don’t own a sharp knife really, but a couple of millimetres either way never did anyone any harm


Even if there’s not a physical menu you’re 100% right


dunno why but this has done me

such a marckee response :grinning:


Going into town for the evening with no dinner booking. Nailed on argument, followed by a Wagamamas and a journey home on the Northern Line in silence.


Used to argue about the washing up (I usually left it to him because I hate it, but I did nigh on twice the amount of chores he did to make up for it).

Then we moved into a flat with a dishwasher. Domestic bliss.


Selfridges has two: the Champagne & Oyster Bar in the foodhall on the ground floor, and The Corner Restaurant and Champagne Bar on the second floor. Everyone knows that, obviously.


FFS, we’ve been through this before:

Go in through the exit, and straight to the warehouse bit. Never go through the maze.