Things/locations that are almost guaranteed to cause an argument with your thinly-veiled


Alright, Banksy.


Oh yeah, this, especially on holiday.


↑ loves London so much he holidays there


Vehicles (if I'm driving then her screaming at me to react to an arising hazard micro-seconds before I'm about to, if she's driving then me imitating this back at her in an obvious attempt to wind her up)

Every time we walk past a KFC or advert for KFC (see things you do to annoy your partner thread)


Oh God, yeah. Especially on holiday. We actually had our first row in Valencia as I'd done a list of places to eat and half of them we're f**king closed for summer.


guys, orcs don't have a canteen


I think this all points to a wider issue with LOTR, Middle Earth just isn't a consistently believable construct, it's very difficult to see it is a functioning world that runs on its own internal logic. Compared to ASOIAF it's all very hand wavy magic bullshit and is bound to lead to arguments like the one you mention.


If one of us has to watch the other use a computer - like when booking flights or something. This is the absolute worst. I literally cannot bear to watch her using a computer and we will always nearly stab each other soon after needing to do this.


can't imagine arguing with anyone in ikea, place is absolute paradise


OH MY GOD the process of typing in in the browser then googling "gmaps" then typing in the postcode of the place she's looking for OH MY GOD PLEASE FUCKING KILL US BOTH



"You've already downloaded the attachment. It's in my downloads folder, with the 17 other copies you've downloaded"


Came here to post this.


^100% this one.


Oh my God, so fucking much.

I have literally no idea why I am always tasked with piloting the computer for holiday booking etc when it clearly drives her so mental that I have too many/not enough tabs open etc etc. Can very much be filed in the 'please just do it yourself' folder.


Alright Gandalf


When looking through the TV guide using the remote she'll go through each channel even though I've told her a million times that if you press page down it'll scroll through 8 channels. Literally makes me want to jump out of the window.


ePassport gates. TV cannot use them for shit and it is a guaranteed argument-starter combined with general travel stress.


Can't watch her use technology of any kind. She uses it like an old person, where if the very first attempt doesn't do exactly what she wanted/expected then we're straight into the "FFS!/It's broken!" tirade.


Me not having eaten enough recently.


My gf honest to god heckled people who were fucking this up on our last trip. Heckled them.