Things/locations that are almost guaranteed to cause an argument with your thinly-veiled


Soho has to be the worst place for this.


I don’t want to get started on this in case I have a breakdown


I wouldn’t be admitting to fucking this up so badly, personally.


Yeah it’s released pockets of anger in me that I didn’t know existed before. I have visceral, unending contempt for it.


And yet, here we are.


Yes, loading the dishwasher is a good one. I have very specific rules regarding this, especially for the cutlery, which my imaginary girlfriend never, ever follows.


DiS. Unless I’ve missed something, am amazed this one hasn’t come up.


apart from the one I met off DiS, no tv of mine has ever been aware of my activity on here.


Oh man - dishwasher loading was the worst when I was with my ex.

I once watched her loading up the dishwasher with kid’s toys from the sandpit

I calmly told her that that might not be the best idea

She did it anyway. When the cycle had finished and I observed that the machine was now absolutely full of sand, I quietly crammed my anger into a little locked box deep down inside myself and got down to the sand scooping - as the consequences of saying “I told you so” were just too much for me to comprehend



Ikea, we’re fine. Getting there or home, we ain’t. Apparently my direction skills aren’t up to much. I usually just kind of go “yeah turn here” without giving any left or right indication. I know where I’m going (and in fairness, so should he, we’ve been so many times) but yet I have to direct and usually he gets irate at my directions.

We never argue, especially not on holiday but we spent 2 weeks on a USA road trip and only had one argument where I was trying to direct him out of a car park i’d never been to before, in the dark, where I didn’t have my glasses on.


Her, driving around a roundabout: 'Is it this exit?'
Me: 'No, next one’
Drives past the correct exit

All hell breaks loose.


I have a quite moody boyfriend at the best of times but also someone who REFUSES to queue/wait longer than a few seconds for a meal.
Now if we wanna go somewhere, I make a secret booking somewhere as a reserve if the place we wanna go takes too long. This has avoided a lot of shit.


Me: Second exit yeah?
Her: yeah second exit
take second exit down minor road
Her: Oh I meant the second proper exit


Me: oh no actually it was that turning
Him: sharp intake of breath, hands tightening on the steering wheel



Do you think this bottle of shower gel will be okay through security?


One of us needing a wee in public.
I don’t know why but this just always seems to escalate.

We had to walk back to the place we were staying once and it was a good 20 minute walk. We both needed to wee very badly but when he needs a wee, he says he can’t walk fast (???) so I’m like speeding ahead and being like FFS the quicker you walk, the quicker we’ll get home.
Then he stops and ums and ahhs about weeing in an alley and I’m like just go if you wanna go and he’s like woah no need to snap and i’m like i need a wee too but I can piss in an alley can i so dont be so selfish and piss infront of me

A bit of bickering and storming off (from me, cause he’s paralyzed by needing a pee like a weirdo)
Then we found a shopping center so both went in to pee in a really aggressive mood, and both came out laughing like wtf was that about


Walking speed.

I walk to get places. She walks like a Victorian promenading on a pier. I sometimes interlock our arms and effectively drag her along.


Shoreditch on a Friday is pretty terrible as well.


yeah ^this, only because she REFUSES to ask a pub/cafe if she can just use their toilet (which anyone would be completely fine with). So regardless of what we’re doing we either need to find a public loo or stop in somewhere and buy a coffee