Things/locations that are almost guaranteed to cause an argument with your thinly-veiled


I’d regard it as poor manners to go into a pub / restaurant solely to use their toilet unless (a) it was McDonald’s or (b) she’s pregnant. In which case, congratulations!


Never had a tv but the person who sort of was did not appreciate it when I said I didn’t like their mum (stupid thing was I did like their mum, just a stupid joke to try and diffuse a stressful situation). Lesson learned do not tell people you do not like their mums


(as a former bar worker) It’s absolutely fine as long as you’re open about it. People who try to sneak through or pretend to be on the phone or whatever are cunts. People who ask if they can use your toilet are absolutely fine.


Do you cancel the booking if you manage to get into the preferred venue?


yeah but don’t go too far the other way either, can be far worse


I never cared when people just walked in and used it tbh. I’m not exactly going to say no, right?


oh aye, but it’s polite to ask isn’t it


meh. Might be different for a small place like a cafe, but I’ve never asked when going into places like large pubs.


And Saturday, obviously.


Don’t forget Sunday.


I’ve got this subtle technique I can apply with absolute mastery in situations like these which is basically just not going out with anyone.


when he doesn’t listen to me and walk/cycles/drives off in the wrong direction.


Yeah! Just give them a call. Usually never make it into ours referred venue anyway.


Hmm, I know that if I worked in a café I’d not care if someone asked to use the toilet. But I’d still feel awkward in this situation.


School nights too




“I’ve got an idea. Lets go somewhere for a roast on Sunday”
“Lets just wander up to the Common and find a nice pub”
“Just a nice cosy pub”
“Fine, lets go”

Argument absolutely 100% guaranteed


“There’s a 90 minute wait for food”



it’s funny, threads like this make me so happy to be single

plenty i agree with in this thread, but top of the list has to be watching someone else use technology slowly, i’m such an (excessively) laid back person normally but… wow that does terrible things to me


Always a joy in this household bud - mainly due to mash and meatballs.