Things/locations that are almost guaranteed to cause an argument with your thinly-veiled


Location though? Her parents house. No doubt.


I told her that I posted this and we had a bit of another clash about it.

She wants to point out that one of her main issues is that the Orc vocabulary would not include the latin orginating word “menu”. Considering the Orcish language ( bears so little in common in English, the idea that Orcs would pick up and insert the word “menu” into their lexicon is according to her, quite daft.

Moreover, Orc’s don’t say any other words that are similar to menu, instead grunting and giving brutish and onomatopoeic one word directions (e.g. fight, smash) or are describing nouns for objects that they are surrounded by on a constant basis day and night (e.g. sword shield). Shouldn’t they use simpler terminology, and say ‘food board’ or ‘food sign’ or something along those lines instead of ‘menu’?

It’s getting harder to argue against this.


yeah, I think I agree with your TV

I admire the amount of thought and effort you are both willing to put into this discussion


In supermarkets I just follow her as though shes me mum


Straying into penoid territory here.


Yeah, but you could pick apart every word uttered by any character because of that.

Like, do we really think that Middle Earth would have developed a language that it surprisingly like a 1940s Oxford academic’s?

They use dozens of words that have mixed origins. ‘Sword’, for example has gemanic roots, ‘sign’ is from Latin, via French.


are you distractedly fiddling with your phone while you follow her round, perhaps with your other hand down the top of your tracky bottoms?


Think there’s an argument that as the film is translating Orcish for a modern Anglo-Saxon audience, using a familiar/modern phrase like “menu” instead of a clunkier, less used phrase like “food board” sits better with the target audience. Literal translations are almost never good because the two languages/cultures that you’re working between are rarely similar enough to make exact equivalents.

(currently marking translation exams)


quite glad to be able to sit out a LOTR argument for once


Alright Gandalf


Says the guy with a Dungeon & Dragons avatar…





… what?


Knew what?



Funnily enough this doesn’t actually bother me, unless I’m actually asked to help with a tech issue.


this has really tickled me, mainly because i can imagine myself saying the last paragraph to my TV with a completely straight face while she rages about it


like the origin of the word sword

do you always win pub quiz’s?


Ah yes… clothes shopping. If I follow too closely, she gets annoyed at me shadowing her; if I stay out the way she’ll keep trying to talk to me but obviously I can’t hear her so she gets annoyed at that too