Things no-one has thought about for ages

I thought we must’ve done this thread before but I can’t find it. Only ones about people/artists. This thread is for things no-one has thought about in ages.



That topical news show that was on channel 4 with Charlie Brooker, Lauren Laverne and Jimmy Car. Is a TV show a thing?


for the purposes of this thread (ftpott) if it’s not a person, it’s a thing. thank you for contributing

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State of these guests!

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the far right really had us over a barrel for years and we never knew it eh

The hole in the ozone layer


I’m sure Crow and Raab got on famously. And why the obsession with Shaun Bailey?

Live At Studio 5 with Ian Wright


“Make poverty history” bands


That’s because it’s pretty much not there any more.

The missing buttons on my work shirts. At least I know I haven’t thought about them for ages and kind of assume nobody else has either.

Do people think if the hole was discovered now any action would be taken to fix it? My guess is no :frowning:

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The problem was addressed because there were alternatives to CFCs that didn’t disrupt profit, so yes I think it would.

They had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do it though. I think foppyish has an interesting point: the whole thing was deeply entwined in the international political environment at the time and things are a bit different now. Don’t think it’s possible to tell really.

Charlie Sheen

Men wearing rings on their thumbs

Live with Chris Moyles


Icebucket challenge.

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Still do this tbh :frowning:

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