Things no one knows the name of

Number 1

Anyone caught naming any of these things will be held in contempt.

Especially you marckee.


pin art thing.

like this post if you’ve left an impression of your wang on someone’s pin art thing.

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can’t self-like :frowning:

The singer from the Ting Tings


The plastic bits on the end of shoelaces.

Until recently, these:

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a buckle?

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Must… resist… marckeeing…

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I think I’ve known what these things are called. Read it recently.

But even if I could remember I wouldn’t say.

I’m not a rude word.

Side release plastic buckle clips, to be precise.

I think I always called them ‘plastic clips’. Buckle never really seemed right either.

I’d always have just called these ‘tags’ I think.

The name of the hidden track on Starsailor’s Love Is Here album.

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How many times has this come up on here?

There can’t be many DiSers left who don’t know that they’re called ‘aglets’

10/10 marckeeing


Even the OP is a stupid example.

I was listening to a podcast with Caitlin Moran and she was talking about how there is no name for when you’re a woman and you get out of the bath and you’ve actually sucked up loads of water in your noon and then it comes out.

Got me thinking how we don’t really need a name for everything, do we?


You’re a stupid example.