Things of yours that you need(/needed) a knack to use

Following on from @ericVI 's keys thread.

Here’s one to start with:

Also the near-left ring of our gas hob: it works, but you have to hold down the ignition switch til it clicks about ten times, otherwise it switches off. (Need to speak to the builders about this one)

What you got, DiS?

Can old things be spoken about ITT if they are no longer in use


Yeah that’s fine (as long as they needed a knack to use). Thread title edited accordingly

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My oven/hob has no control knobs, you need to either reach in with firm fingers and turn the little metal nub or get a pair or pliers and do it.

My door isn’t on any hinges so you need to close it by slotting in the left bottom edge first, and open it from the top right corner inwards a bit like Jesus rolling away the stone.

I lead an awful, painful life.

Also what Balonz said.

My first car needed to be at biting point when you turned the key so it would go straight into driving. The first few times you stopped at a junction the engine would cut out and you’d have to switch the engine off and on to set off. Once cut out halfway coasting around a busy roundabout which was quite scary. But I had the knack for it

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I wonder simply you ned tos tick

When I was at school me and my pals made a really good and funny parody of The Matrix and one of my low-key favourite “gags” from it was when Morpheous or whoever goes “I can only show you the door, you have to go through it” and then Neo was all struggling with the handle and Morpheous goes “There’s a bit of a knack to it” and sorts it out for him. Very, VERY funny.

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Our toilet door handles.

They’ve got a sprung latch and a sprung ball-shaped knob, which means that they can be a bit tricky to turn all the way, especially if you have wet hands, or have just put hand cream on. However, if you’ve turned them far enough, the door is very easy to open as it’s been hung well.

Even if we’ve told guests this, there will always be one occasion in the day where they repeatedly pull the door towards them to get out of the bathroom and nearly rip the door handle off.

Rejected radiohead album title?

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Oh god, my last rental place was full of things like this. The shower door that repeatedly fell off and was held in place by tap washers being the most frustrating.

My laptop won’t work unless constantly plugged in, my curtains sometimes fall apart, my bed sometimes falls apart, nothing’s right everything’s wrong.

my old hi fi amp would cut out, and the only way to fix it was to give it a firm whack on the top

the whack method stopped working a couple of weeks ago and I finally replaced it

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My CIJ Fender Jaguar: the little tension screw on the top E position on the bridge resonates and vibrates itself out of its screw thread if you hold a sustained A# note on that string as either a solo note or part of a chord/arpeggio.
The knack when you’re holding that note is to just hold the screw down with your right hand forefinger.
Alternatively you can put a tiny tab of tape over it but that looks a lot less like a cool Jonny Greenwood ninja guitar master move


Good stuff. This is what I was hoping for.

I used to play a lot of FIFA 96 on my family’s first desktop PC. After some years, for some reason when it was launching via DOS it would get stuck on a loading screen and there was a VERY specific series of hitting the return key and space bar in sequence in order to make it work. I’ve no idea how I managed to work out how to do that, I think it developed slowly over a period of months/years