Things people don't say now that they did say in the past

“four star or unleaded?”

“add me on MySpace”

“shall we rent a film tonight?”

@Joke2000 is gonna be maaaad

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“That is the giddy limit”

“it’ll load if you blow on the cartridge first”

“one pornography magazine please”


@Aggpass has really gone too far this time

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Rewind that before taking it back

If you use high speed dubbing you can do it in about 10 minutes

People still say this now


“Might stream that new One Direction album later then enjoy a HungryHouse afterwards”

Don’t think people used to say that

Nū scylun hergan hefaenrīcaes Uard,
metudæs maecti end his mōdgidanc,
uerc Uuldurfadur, suē hē uundra gihwaes,
ēci dryctin ōr āstelidæ
hē ǣrist scōp aelda barnum
heben til hrōfe, hāleg scepen.
Thā middungeard moncynnæs Uard,
eci Dryctin, æfter tīadæ
firum foldu, Frēa allmectig

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Fell asleep on the sofa and when i woke up the telly was showing ceefax

‘Fancy a pint?’

Yeah that’s perfect. Rude people used to say that all the time!

Now we all act with more decorum, thankfully.

Great contribution mate!

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President Trump

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I checked to see if there was an existing similar thread first

Traditionally, former US presidents are still being addressed as “Mr. President” once they have left office. It remains to be seen if this tradition continues with Donald Trump.

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Ohh nice, been waiting to see that but i have scouts, i’ll tape it

and then later, i’ll videoplus+ it