Things people get unnecessarily het-up about


when you open the window of a car whilst the air conditioning is on. some people get really sniffy about their air source! I’d like somewhere to rest my elbow, thank you very much

can’t think of any other examples

this thread might work


raw halloumi


efficiently using scissors to cut pizza


Hmm, think I might be one of these people, if the air-con is the actually effective sort then I don’t want it’s impact diminished by an open window on a hot day.


It’s one of the other - aircon or windows open. Unless it is unbelievably hot I would rather go windows so all the chicks can hear the banging tunes I’ve got on.


Being stuck in traffic. Nothing you can do about it - you’ll get there when you get there, maaaaan.


Lack of carbon forks.


depends what the scissors are usually used for.


milk/teabag/water order


Football. Literally doesn’t matter.


Watch out!


Thank you for concern, but I’m perfectly able to get out of the way of my own #truthbombs


Cyclists. Running red lights just gets us there faster and we can’t help it if we look great in lycra.




Nearly cycled straight into a pedestrian today.

Obviously it was entirely his fault, stupid prick.


safe spaces


Cutesy-wootsy marketing text.

Just had a despatch email from a florist that reads:

Your flowers have left the building.

Jazzed up like the King in a fancy white outfit, the flowers you ordered for … have just departed from the Serenata HQ.

We’re happy to report that your order is being chauffeured in style to … by our trusty courier service, due to arrive today.

Of course, we’ll try to get the goods to … quickly as possible, but please remember that our couriers may have to outwit a snarl of traffic and make several stops en route to their destination. As soon as we get word that the delivery’s been made, though, we’ll let you know.

Fuck off mate. Yodel will bung the box in the back of their van and throw it through the door of the office. Don’t pretend your company’s run by fairies and wishes.


Self checkouts. They start getting angry and doing everything wrong. Deep exasperation sets in. I really enjoy watching these people.


Milk, water, teabag*


If you’re driving, and stuck in traffic - you ARE the traffic!!!