Things people have called you

‘pure fucking ignorant’
‘middle class with an edge’

A taxi.



Still no idea what that one meant!

Tell thing’s people to speak to my people, never speak direct

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Too many to mention, I went to quite a rough comprehensive which finally closed down. I was bullied quite a bit although I finally learned to give as good as I got.

were you holding a ruler at the time?

Ah sorry to remind you of these things. Kids are so shit

when I was 18 and drunk at someone’s party an older lady also drunk said I was going to be really sexy when I grew up.

Has always stuck with me and I’m wondered when that day will come.


#compliant goon


Ha an anarchist.

“A megalomaniac school prefect cunt”

That was after I refused to serve a guy’s mate who could barely stand in my bar. Might get it put on my gravestone.


i think we should call you one right now.


A cat nonce.


Nah it’s fine. I was a very skinny kid with a big head and black hair so was the butt of jokes for that. The more amusing ones were “Tefal Head” and “The man from Del Monte” which I never fully got.

I was always good at football though so was partly cool, and my cousin was one of the main school bullies which gave me some protection.

But I tore my knee ligaments as a kid and while on crutches got pushed down a full set of concrete steps, the cunts.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only person from my year that went to Uni. If was a truly terrible school.

Hard work

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Robert Smith’s anorexic cousin
“When in doubt, it’s a man”

“Puta bollera” because I was ignoring him calling me guapa

‘a jumped up little so-and-so who thinks she knows everything and doesn’t care to learn’
‘the most lesbian of us all… but I can’t imagine her actually being gay’
‘a man in a skirt’
‘Commie’ :smiley: