Things people have called you

That lesbian one! :hushed:

On my last ever shift pulling pints at a football stadium a swaggery geezer with a pot belly and neck tattoo caught my eye with a twinkle and said, poetically:

You’d look much better with a pair of tits


A group of bikewankerz I was with got memorably called “a bunch of rubbery cunts”

It immediately passed into legend . “Rubbery” is used to describe a particular type of ride, and I have a stem top cap with "pedal harder you rubbery cunt’ etched into it


“You’re not exactly the prize pig” - my first boyfriend

‘You fucking weirdy beardy jockstrap’

Nuts reader with a record collection


other than that I don’t think I’ve ever been in earshot of anyone calling me a name that I can recall just now


perfumed ponce.

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Long-haired weirdo.

A lot of strangers are really quite aggressive at me because of my hair.

It’s very odd isn’t it. Didn’t really have a reply so was a bit

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haha, I’ve offended people with my tallness before too. I remember when I was a teenager, an old woman angrily pointing me out to her mate with the words “it’s just ridiculous these days!”


An annoying little turd

Mairon, Gorthaur, Annatar, Aulendil & Artano.

^this. Used to get “Oi, Shaggy!” quite a bit back in the day

this is a great one :smiley:

Yeah back when I had long hair someone squared up to me all like “who’ve we got here the fucking hair bear bunch then?”

Joke was on them because I was on my own so…

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