Things people have called you

Called my 1 year old a little slug yesterday. Got admonished by the wife who thought I said slag and then wouldn’t believe me.

just an all round shit gag that.

Yeah. It’s even a notch below ‘alright Liam’ which was a regular.

Glad I didn’t get done in on that occasion (was close). Don’t want to get beaten up by someone with appalling chat.

that would be very humiliating. I got decked by one of the “SHAGGY!” people once. a low.

when i had long hair, a bloke called me ‘pj harvey’ as if it was meant to be an insult

It wasn’t you?

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“Creeping Jesus” seemed to be the accepted, cross-generational term for any lad with hair longer than four inches when I was a youth.

Was your hair in bunches?

Famous people you have been called because you had long hair:

  • Russell Brand
  • Carl Barat
  • Johnny Borrell
  • Noel Fielding

Not on this occasion

  • The Verve

Susan Boyle, when I allowed my bouncy curls to grow out in secondary school

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Liam/Noel for me as well.

My hair naturally grows out rather than down, so I look a bit like an early 90s Colombian footballer in my current bearded state.

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  • Vernon Kaye