Things people regularly say to you that you're quite frankly SICK OF


People seem to keep telling me that when I am hungry, I should drink something instead?

Example just now.

Me: I’m so hungry. Gonna go vending machine.
Them: Drink some water
Me: But I’ve already drank 1.5 litres today. I’m getting some crisps.
Them: Just drink some more water and you won’t feel hungry.

This is not the first time i’ve heard this. Think I read something that when you’re hungry your body is confused and you’re actually thirsty. No i’m not, i’m hungry!


Good morning


My dad used to say the drink thing for hunger. Absolute bullshit.


It is bullshit! Eat something when you’re hungry ffs


how do you know you’re hungry?


“You know nothing about boxing”


Picking up my roaches. GAHHHH


Sometimes works for me after exercise, but obviously I’d never tell anyone either what to eat, or to not eat, when they want to eat something because that would be fucking daft


“Where are you from?”


Receptionist every fucking morning: “how’s Jordan today?”


How do you answer that? I always answer in the third person. Is that the done thing?


‘Still not getting along with Peter Andre, I’d imagine’


I hope you assume every day that she’s talking about Jordan aka Katie Price.

“I heard she’s looking to split up with cheating Kieran and is making moves on Chris from Love Island!”




sorry meow!


you’re for it now - meow’s gonna slice you up with her claws like wolverine


I’m not very good on Middle Eastern politics, but I imagine it’s pretty sunny.


or at least stick a finger up your nose


Still can’t break into the Bournemouth starting eleven!


Yours was way better tbf