Things people regularly say to you that you're quite frankly SICK OF

“Where are you from?”

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Receptionist every fucking morning: “how’s Jordan today?”

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How do you answer that? I always answer in the third person. Is that the done thing?

‘Still not getting along with Peter Andre, I’d imagine’


I hope you assume every day that she’s talking about Jordan aka Katie Price.

“I heard she’s looking to split up with cheating Kieran and is making moves on Chris from Love Island!”


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sorry meow!

I’m not very good on Middle Eastern politics, but I imagine it’s pretty sunny.

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or at least stick a finger up your nose

Still can’t break into the Bournemouth starting eleven!


Yours was way better tbf

I had to know about her current affairs tho so who is the real winner here


That is somewhat pathetic now you mention it


you’re so laid back!!

no just every aspect of my personality is carefully crafted to avoid awkwardness/having to talk about myself


People think I’m 15 and people coming up to me in clubs/pubs asking me how I got in isn’t funny.

Most people keep quiet though

“jesus, that’s big”

Ohhhhh I get it

What I’ve read specifically relates to why certain people are very overweight, that there was an assumption that the ability to differentiate between hunger and thirst was confused so they could cut calorie intake by always having water first.

I mean also if someone is concerned about weight gain from snacking I guess a pint or so of water will probably stave off hunger pangs for an hour or two.

So in conclusion these people saying that to you seem like they’re pretty stupid or are projecting.