Things people say to each other at the gym

I think that was Where’s Wally.

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Hey bro
do you even lift?

Hnnnnggh uhhhh ahhhhh hurrrrr

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Hey man, you’ve gotta clean down the equipment after using it!

DORCHESTER SASCOMBE: Ey Bawrence, spot me bro

BAWRENCE STUNTVAMPIRE: (pointing at DORCHESTER) There you are, bro

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Deez nutz!!!~@:~##

Did you see Slowdive at Glastonbury?

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Gym?! What the hells a gym?! Just kidding a know it’s pronounced gym

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I hate this. I’m finished when I’m finished fucko.



OMG I literally started playing Final Fantasy 7 today!

That’s what I’d say (true tho)

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“How’s your cat getting on?” is something someone asked me the other day. He’s a nice guy, loves to talk about his cats.

“It’s been a bit tougher to do since the prolapse [ominous chuckle]

‘‘Ever heard of steroids? You stick them up your arse don’t you! Anyway want some?’’


someone did say this to me in a gym

really wish this post had been just after yours



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Sir, please stop crying.

Illegible gym adverts for me, too! Just about doing routines.

Day 4 looks a bit sus

“Oh god I just shat myself”