Things people should pay more for


What things should people consider upgrading from their standard purchase to something a bit more pricey? Could be because the cheaper stuff is a false economy, or just that the more expensive stuff is so much better.


##re: Things people should pay more for

Categorisation. I mean it’s fine not bothering with categorisation, but if you want the big replies, you’ve got to pay that little bit more.


Shaving Cream. Do not buy tescos value shaving cream. It’s actually worse then no shaving cream




I buy whatever shaving cream is the cheapest of the normal branded stuff, I.e. not value. Are you saying I should be upgrading?


How much should I be paying?


You are right of course. I answered the question wrongly. Its more that you should not be downgrading.

A proper answer would be wallets. The cheaper ones fall apart rather quickly so getting a good nice one is actually more economical.


0.5% of annual income


coffee. lad in this office goes to the effort of bringing his own cafetiere in for ‘pwopa coffee’ and then uses some tesco value grounds. smh.


I assumed you were joking, but then calculated and thought that perhaps you might not be. What’s better about more expensive jeans? I normally pay about £30


Shoes and trainers are far too cheap if you work out cost per day.


Meat should be way more expensive than it is






Cotton buds.

How are they making money on those things?


Was going to say meat.


Taxes. I don’t pay nearly enough tax.


You don’t need to. I’ve already said it.


Petrol, Cigarettes, Public Services.


Also, the £28 haircut I got has grown out excellently, so I’d definitely consider going with that again.