Things people you know/knew were highly suspicious of



partially inspired by me mentioning that my dad thinks that scouts is a front for a secret fraternity of paedos


My mum’s ex-partner was convinced that literally every single English person was “a plonker”.


My grandad was convinced Tony Blair was trying to remove democratic process and install himself as a dictator. My nan was german and her parents were part of a nonviolent resistance movement in Hitler’s Germany, which he’d constantly try to draw parallels with late 90s/early 00s Britain. Not really on tbh


My entire family was and is incredibly suspicious of Northern Ireland. They’ve never been and they won’t go. I think my brothers and I are the only members of my whole extended family that have ever been there!


My brother thinks Manic Street Preachers are paedos


Says its really obvious when you listen to their lyrics


the owner of the local papershop we all had rounds on. he’d take boys up to his farm, which is obviously very weird. I never went, as I seem to have an in-built paedo warning system. I just used to rob him blind in the papershop, nicking boxes of panini stickers and selling them in school

there were always strong rumours that he was a wrong-un, but a) this was the 80’s and b) he was a well respected man in the community.

it’s funny (it’s not) but when I look back at the stuff that regularly happened around us as kids, which was just brushed off as harmless fun have now taken on a far more sinister, creepy vibe. loads of touching and what have you.

THE 80’S


My Dad told me that the channel tunnel opening would allow stray dogs from the continent to get over here and spread rabies making “rabies” one of my biggest (and most irrational it turns out) fears as a child.


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fuck sake


The tories the tories the tories the tories the tories.

^ My childhood.


I used to have to go to the next door neighbours in Primary School on inset days, and she wouldn’t let me in the house with anything blue on as she was an ardent Labour supporter.

Dead now.


haha i remember those rumours from back then, didn’t realise it was your dad that started them :slight_smile:


hah, I also had this irrational fear when I was younger. Wonder if it came from seeing a shitty headline like that when I was a kid.


Possibly the drama that featured a rather graphic portrayal of a man contracting rabies from a fox - that was grim. The Mad Death, that was it.


Caravan owners are ALL swingers (sorry @Meowington)


I think this and I know me so this is a valid contribution




Some people in the Republic still think they couldn’t got to the North because they’re Catholic, or because they’re from the south and they’ll get beaten up because of their accents. I know that NI is safe but a lot of people older than me don’t have the same opinion.


Do they just stay south of the border to be sure


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