Things people you like and respect enjoy but you don't really understand

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
I’m even a member of the shitposting facebook group, understand about 1% of the references and find them mostly disturbing.

Anyway, you?

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TV shows about “there is something deemed wrong by society with this person now watch us fix them with capitalism”


It’s a mixture of witnessing improvised brilliance and schadenfreude really, but mostly just incredibly boring, yes.

can you give an example of this please

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Most recently Queer Eye

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Not queer eye though right?

Oh fffs



I read the wrestling thread a lot but I haven’t actually watched any in over a decade and I’ve no idea who half the wrestlers they talk about in there are. Not sure why really.

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That’s a shame, and there’s so much out there now, pretty much every flavour catered too.

But Antoni shows them how to make toast!

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I keep considering getting back into it properly but I don’t have enough time to keep up with the hobbies I already have as it is. Enjoying it vicariously through you guys will have to do unless I find a way out of full time employment sadly.

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It seems a lot more kindhearted than other examples of the same thing for sure and I can see the appeal but fundamentally I find it every bit as problematic as like Gok Wan or Trinny & Susanna or whatever


My work life is roughly 50% DiS, 50% wrestling podcasts

What are your go-to WWE related 'casts please?

I like Steve and Larson for keeping up with the weekly shows, they’re on everything

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neutral milk hotel

Football clubs in the part of London they’ve moved to.

St Vincent


What happens in this Queer Eye show? Never seen the old or the new one.

But yeah I’m with you however I’m terrible and love to watch those shows.