Things Posted on Social Media

There’s been a lot of controversy with the Great Things Posted on Social Media and
Terrible things people post on social media threads and people arguing that the contents of them are being posted in the wrong thread.

It’s enough to cause people to stress out, or second guess their posting in either of those threads for fear of judgement.

This thread is merely for things posted on social media. They can be good, bad, interesting, boring or anything really. If you want to post something, post it.

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Classic Wiggy!

Love this, Ant.

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Me too, mate.

La Boheme (1895, composed by Giacomo Puccini)

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I feel like the reason this thread is underused is because people have such high opinions of themselves

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This is the thread for me!

Who will create the most posts in this thread?

  • Wiggy
  • Someone who is not Wiggy (please state)

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“Got the feeling you’ll page me right now” (2003)

“You know I’m not gonna diss you on the Internet” (2001, c’mon, Menswe@r discovered email in 1995)

What is it about Destiny’s Child and extolling the virtues of archaic technology.




I feel like the first post was good, the subsequent ones really drag it down with too much trying, hence it’s here.

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Always enjoy a bit of content by @elthamsmateowen

This is one of the most horrendous things I’ve ever seen but I’m laughing so, so hard I’m net admiring it.

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Also, it’s exactly a year since she played maybe the greatest set I’ve ever seen.